Wednesday, May 31, 2006

This is a sad day....

OK, I can't be the only one who will sincerely miss Katie Couric on the Today Show. I will miss seeing her every morning!

I have so many memories of significant events attached to her delivery of the news, including the tragedy of 9/11.

I will follow her to CBS, though, now that Tom Brokaw is no longer host of the NBC Nighly News.

Anyone watch her farewell show this morning? I almost cried at the end... but I'm glad I got to see it!


Shannon said...

I am sad too... although since going back to work full time, I haven't been able to watch her at all! When I was home for five years, I watched her everyday... I love her!!!

Tisham said...

Ok I stink..i have never really watched the morning show..i am always stuck on Blue's Clues or the like :-)