Saturday, May 26, 2007

June Scrapncircle Projects!!!

After I created these, I realize that I essentially made the same design for each!! But I still like them... LOL!!! Jeri gave me the wonderful MME Signature Life papers to work with!!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

May Scraplovers Projects! (part 2!!)

I did a bit of stamping with this reveal! With the first layout, I actually made the green patterned paper with an ink dauber and by clear heat embossing of some flower images (Autumn Leaves and Paper Salon).

I had the privelege of working with more Prism, Queen and Company, and Scribble Scrabble!! Did I mention how wonderful Prism paper is to stamp on? And it takes color so well!!! And the Scribble Scrabble papers were so adorable and SO perfect for this picture, I was inspired to create this layout the very day I received the papers in the mail!

Sunday, May 06, 2007

A little family fun...

We took the kiddos to Maymont Park on Saturday. They have a beautiful nature center, and the kids had a really good time! I think the otters were their favorite. My older dd was especially amused that one of them seemed to be playing with her! He kept doing flips right in front of her!
It's so nice to have a free resource like this in the area! I wanted to take some photos outdoors, too, but it was a bit too rainy, and I forgot a plastic bag to protect my camera!

Friday, May 04, 2007

One of the things...

about working for a Jewish nursing home is the culture. I love it. I'm a little Baptist girl (although not a conservative one), and I have a deep respect for the Jewish culture.

And working for such a home, the likelihood of meeting a Holocaust survivor is relatively high. I have met 3 in my life... all at the home. It's meeting a gem of human history when you meet a survivor.

I must admit that reading about the stuggles of survivors was an interest of mine in middle and high school. I read the Diary of Anne Frank and other accounts of what it was like to be Jewish and live through such awful times. I studied why WWII came about. I read about that unspeakable evil man and what he did.... to put it extremely mildly, it is frustrating to me that similar things are still happening around the world. (and if you recall US history correctly, we had our own concentration camps here during WWII, but singling out another group).

I am in awe of survivors. It is a great mark of their spirit and character to have endured what they did...

One resident in particular has had me thinking about this recently. He's an amazing man. So sweet... so likable... yet there's this thing always bothering him. It's always there... almost unspeakable for him. What do you say to someone who endured such horrible things? He talked briefly to me about how he survived. He simply became whatever tradesman they were looking for in the work camps. He had no clue how to be a bricklayer... or much else they were looking for, but he did them to survive. And just thinking about it brings him to tears.

I can't imagine being part of that or enduring all that he did. I don't know if my spirit would have been strong enough to live. To have been born in this country, relatively immune to persecution for what I believe... that's a gift. And it's also a gift that I have met great men like him to remind me of how lucky we all are.

May Scraplovers Projects!

These are from the first round for the month. We have the pleasure of working with Prism cardstock and Queen and Company products!!!

I really love the texture of the Prism cardstock. It has that nice orange peely texture on one side and smooth on the other. It's easy to stamp on, too!!! And the fact that they sell little accent color packs is great!

The Queen and Company sequins and brads are simply too cute for words. I love how they are packaged like make-up!!! Adorable!!!