Friday, April 20, 2007

Remember 4-16-2007

I think I 'm finally ready to write about this.

Most of us who are in our thirties can relate to both the college kids and the parents... it's not too long ago that we were in college, with idealistic dreams, just coming to terms with who we really want to be as "real" adults. And all of those promising young lives cut short. I am deeply saddened by this.

Those kids were to go on to become successful contributors to society. Now there will be no fulfillment of dreams... no marriages to form... no children to be born... no more chances to tell the ones they loved that they do love them... no opportunity to realize that all of that hard work in college pays off.

As a parent, I also sympathize with the mothers... I would be completely heartbroken to lose my child in such a senseless way. Words can't describe what they must be feeling.

I wore maroon and orange today. It's such a small thing... but it made me feel better to show some outward sign of support for the victims, the survivors, and the families. It was nice to see others today who did the same, many of whom exchanged glances with me. Their eyes all said the same thing... that they were sad, too, but hoped for healing as well.

I will continue to pray for the vicitms, their families, and the survivors. God bless you all.

Have you seen this?

If you are a fellow Richmonder, you have to pick up a copy. I'm so proud of my friend Tisha... she does the most amazing work, and this is her photo on the cover! (you can link to Tisha's blog in the sidebar).

Kudos to you, my friend! You deserve all the best that comes your way!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

In honor of the survivors...

of the tragedy at Virginia Tech.

A little background about this layout... this is an idea I've been mulling over for almost a year now. The idea was to capture that feeling you get when you celebrate the simple joy of living... and how wonderful life can be. With the recent tragedy so close to home, it took a new direction, becoming a quiet tribute to those who survived this horrific event and, for me, what I will try to take away from it and other similar events, like 9-11. It is in no way meant to discount the suffering so many have faced... or the answer to why it has happened. It is, however, a reflection of how precious our lives truly are, and the hope that those who have been affected can rebuild their lives.

The quote I have used for my layout is from John Mayer:"I am invincible... as long as I'm alive."(Cautiously celebratory of our gift of life...)

This is my third April project for Scraplovers.


Patterned papers and chipboard letter (Zsiage) (Stampin' Up)Inks (Colorbox, Ranger)Journaling pen (American Crafts)Cardstock (Nicole, Bazzill, DCWV)

Photo by Tisha McCuiston

Thursday, April 05, 2007

April Scraplovers Projects!

This month, we have the pleasure of working with the awesomely unique products from Zsiage! Our theme this month is poetry/quotes, one of which must be incorporated into each of our pages.

The "welcome home" project was made by altering a 5 x 15 inch plaque from the Dollar Tree. I had so much fun painting and inking the Zsiage chipboard letters! The swirl is a foam stamp by Teresa Collins for Junkitz.

I love how the page about my cat turned out. The paper was just perfect for showing off my handsome old man!