Monday, October 31, 2005

Ode to the OBX...

Just thought I would add my layout of why I love this place!!

I love the beach!!!

Especially the Outer Banks. It's our favorite vacation spot. I love that it is only a 3 hour drive, and we get to drive through the area where I grew up. So the trip really doesn't seem that long to me! We went for a long weekend, and here are some of my pics. We saw some spectacular sunsets courtesy of Wilma, and Ralph, his dad, and uncle caught 95 spot!!! Enjoy!!!

Thursday, October 13, 2005


This is a common question we ask ourselves in the world of scrapbooking. Where does one find inspiration? I find it in the oddest places... and in some not so odd ones, too! I love to browse the bookstore at graphic design books, aisles at Target for color combos and patterns, magazines for ads, catalogs to note trends... it's all good!

I do look at traditional idea books, but in my quest to stay origninal, I rarely buy one. It's what I call the Yanni philosophy. OK, I don't listen to his music, but I saw an interview with him on a news magazine type show. He stated that he never listens to anyone else's music but his so he can stay original. Interesting. For me, half the fun is seeing what other designers can create, but I hesitate to buy the book unless it is heavily technique driven. I fear that I may accidentally scraplift!! If I look at the book and put it down, then an idea I saw may morph into something original by the time any idea ends up on paper. At least, that's my intent, anyway!

The layout above was inspired by a room featured in a Pottery Barn Kids catalog. They had used circles as a border around the room around chair rail height. This was my interpretation of that circle theme!

Friday, October 07, 2005

The sound of music...

Do you think that our kids will think "our" music is old and seriously outdated when they are teenagers? I'm talking about the music I grew up with... stuff like Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Soul Asylum, the Cure, and I admit to being a bit of a Morrissey/Smiths fan during my teenage years. Of course, I also listened to lots of "classic rock," which was AFTER my parents' generation!

I know there has been a shift in music when they now have a "90's flashback lunch" program on the radio!!! And they feature all the stuff I listened to in college!

Some artists I love and are still making great music, like the Dave Matthews band. I also love John Mayer, but he's kinda new!

But do you think our kids will say, "Oh, mom, you really used to listen to THAT?" Or that a band will come out with a "new" hit, and we'll point out to our kids that so-and-so artist did that song originally back in the LAST CENTURY!! I know I think my parent's music is OLD!! But they listened to 50's bubble gum pop!

I know I will have become OLD when my kids think my music is lame...

My latest work...

Here's what I've been up to creatively in the past couple of days. This is the third painting I have done for one of my neighbors (it's paid work! Yay!!!). I tried to start a business of doing artwork for childrens' rooms a while ago, and just wasn't successful. I had a difficult time finding places to sell my work that didn't cost a fortune to enter! But, I am pleased with how this turned out! I will hang it from a ribbon and knob.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Work, work, work...

Today was my second day back at work since having baby #2. It's really not that bad, since I am only working while dd#1 is in preschool. I did miss my job. I am a physical therapist and work in a nursing home (a rather good one, I might add...).

All of my patients and co-workers have given me the warmest welcome! It's nice to feel wanted!

The trick will be re-establishing balance in my life, between my husband, children, scrapbooking, and keeping house! I had it all figured out before dd#2 was born. I just need to find the new normal!

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Silly girl...

My daughter came up with this silly pose and insisted that I take a picture of it... of course, I'll have to scrap it!

So, here goes!

Well, I've decided to jump on the bandwagon and give this a try. I've realized that I have lots of crazy thoughts in my head that are just waiting for a home to express them, so, here it is!