Saturday, September 23, 2006

Surprise! A post about scrapbooking!

Well, I guess it's time to move on from my worries about our big world and focus on something far more trivial for a change....

This is a point I have pondered for quite a while now: the social (or, perhaps, not so social) aspects of the scrapbooking industry.

If you are in pursuit of design work, do you ever feel as though you are in school again? I kind of feel like I am "rushing" a sorority when I try out for a DT, especially for an online team. You go to such great lengths to create great designs.... and for online teams, for them to get to know you... and in the end, for me, anyway, there is rejection (well, I've only tried out for 2 so far.) The teams I am on have invited me without "trying out." Sometimes it's all in who you know. That's how I became a designer for Scrappinchicks and Scrapncircle!!! (so maybe I should consider myself lucky?!)

The sorority feel is in the air at CHA... I have been snubbed by some who I thought were so great from their online personalities... and pleasantly surprised to find that some others were NOT as their online personas conveyed! And yet others were just as I had expected (good and bad!!) Of course, I won't tell about the bad...

Anyway, why can't we be nice in this industry? Behave like women, not girls.... and that has NOTHING to do with the DT calls. I have just seen friends hurt in this business, and it just really SUCKS!!!

I can't pretend that snubbing and rejection doesn't sting... but I am still happy with my creations and with ME.

And you know what? I already have my sisterhood of scrapbooking friends... our own sorority, if you will.... and I love them dearly!!!

Sunday, September 10, 2006

In rememberance...

I am posting this in honor of those who perished one year ago tomorrow. I am posting this for all of us who still mourn that time where we lost our "innocence" as a nation..... for those who lost loved ones... for those who feared they had lost someone.... for everyone who has to explain to their children where they were on that horrible day.

I'm sorry to be so sullen with my blog these days, but 9/11 weighs heavily on my mind this time of year.

I actually completed this layout last year. I had to edit so much of what I wanted to say to get it all to fit on the page. I could have hidden the journaling, but I wanted to force the viewer to see what I had to say.

The photos were taken of Ground Zero on a trip to NYC that I made with my dh in October 2003.

Journaling reads:
Where were you on the morning of 9/11? One day, my girls will ask me that question. Where was I? I was at the hospital where I practiced PT. I remember that morning--one of those beautiful, crisp, late summer days that remind you that fall is near. I walked onto the rehab unit and took note of how pretty the sun's rays looked as they flooded the hall with light. And I remember thinking that something was going to happen that day that would change me for the rest of my life. I had only been at work for about 20 minutes when I heard about the first plane hitting one of the twin towers of the WTC in NYC. A few of us found a TV and watched the news coverage, including live pictures of the second jet hitting the other tower. Absolutely horrifying! As we all know, the news became progressively worse. I frantically called family members to make sure everyone was OK, including my father who worked on an army base and my husband who worked in one of the tallest buildings in Richmond. We prepared for survivors at the hospital that never came. The events of that day turned my world upside down. I was 5 months pregnant with my first daughter, and it was the week of my 27th birthday. I found little joy in celebrating either. When we visited NYC in October of 2003, I knew that Ground Zero was a place I had to see for myself. Then it was real. There is an ability to remain detached from it all until you see it with your own eyes... the vacancy in the skyline, the makeshift memorials that aren't supposed to be there anymore, the miracle of a cross found in the debris of the WTC, and the collective solemn reverence of all the visitors to that place where so many perished.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

It's that time of year again!

I love September! It's my favorite weather month. And it's my birthday month! Love late summer/early fall. The angle of the sun changes, and you start to feel the onset of crisp nights and pleasanly warm days. Love it! Today was the first day I noticed that this year. It struck me as the light shone through the window of our upstairs hallway.

It was the same feeling I felt on the morning of 9-11-2001. I noticed the angle of the sun had changed as I was walking onto the floor of the hospital where I worked. The light was flooding the hallway from one of the patient rooms. Beautiful morning light... I will never think of that good feeling without the bittersweet thought of that day again.

It just makes my heart sink to think about how my most favorite time of year is now tainted with the memories of that awful time. As we approach the 5 year anniversary, I realize that it's really not getting easier to deal with. It doesn't consume me... but it's there. Every day, it's there. And I can' t believe how much this disaster affected me even though I don't personally know anyone who perished that day... I only witnessed their murders. It brings me back to the "what can I do to change the world" ideas... and again, I come up with nothing. I can only hold my babies and try my best to protect them.... that's all I know how to do.

Oh, well... again....

I'm kind of tired of posting things like this!!! I have seen more than my fair share of rejection this week.... the worst being no call for the KI Memories contest... I know my chances were slim, but it still hit me the hardest of any other contest yet. It was as if I were in high school and a boy I had a crush on walked right passed me and ignored me... ahhh... but I guess I'll get over it.

However, I am very excited for my dear friend Tisha McCuiston, who DID get a call!!!! Yay, Tisha!!! I'm pulling for you to be the grand prize winner!!!