Saturday, September 23, 2006

Surprise! A post about scrapbooking!

Well, I guess it's time to move on from my worries about our big world and focus on something far more trivial for a change....

This is a point I have pondered for quite a while now: the social (or, perhaps, not so social) aspects of the scrapbooking industry.

If you are in pursuit of design work, do you ever feel as though you are in school again? I kind of feel like I am "rushing" a sorority when I try out for a DT, especially for an online team. You go to such great lengths to create great designs.... and for online teams, for them to get to know you... and in the end, for me, anyway, there is rejection (well, I've only tried out for 2 so far.) The teams I am on have invited me without "trying out." Sometimes it's all in who you know. That's how I became a designer for Scrappinchicks and Scrapncircle!!! (so maybe I should consider myself lucky?!)

The sorority feel is in the air at CHA... I have been snubbed by some who I thought were so great from their online personalities... and pleasantly surprised to find that some others were NOT as their online personas conveyed! And yet others were just as I had expected (good and bad!!) Of course, I won't tell about the bad...

Anyway, why can't we be nice in this industry? Behave like women, not girls.... and that has NOTHING to do with the DT calls. I have just seen friends hurt in this business, and it just really SUCKS!!!

I can't pretend that snubbing and rejection doesn't sting... but I am still happy with my creations and with ME.

And you know what? I already have my sisterhood of scrapbooking friends... our own sorority, if you will.... and I love them dearly!!!


NancyJones said...

GIRL let me tell you YO STUFF ROCKS! IT has taken me A VERY VERY LONG TIME to weasel my way into (HA) anywhere.. I ahve heard every rejection line in existence.. but Im telling you. DO NOT GIVE UP. YOUR STUFF IS GOOD. VERY GOOD. SOmetimes what loooks like may be for us turns out maybe not so good for us or it could be this isnt the right time.. I applied for some stuff a year ago and I look back at how MUCH I have grown as a scrapper and well in general (man I gotta lose some weight) and man what a difference. I hate the political part of the scrappin world. A dear friend is having HUGE issues with that right now. BE TEFLON I Keep telling her. let it roll off but I KNOW HOW hard it is trust me I have had that door slam so many times and I swwear the magazines STILL delete my mail when they see my name. I am by far NOT an expert on anything but I do know that sometimes perserverance and lots of prayer for GOd to just send me where you want me to go. I did that. I sat back and said OK show me what do I do make it so obvious this is where I need to be in my life that I would be an idiot not to see it. AND every time he has pointed my way and it always works out. SO keep your chin up my friend. and if you wanna vent and scream .... call me! I can help ya scream now hahaha
SO Glad to see you around my friend

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Vee said...

i totally agree! well said