Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Isn't it nice to have good friends?

I'm feeling very blessed these days. Actually, I have been feeling blessed for a while now... it all started in my (very) late 20's, after the birth of my first daughter. I realized that none of my "girlfriends" were MY friends. They were spouses of my husband's friends. Sure, I had friends from work, but we only hung out occasionally. I'm talking about a friend you could call up at any time for any reason.... someone who understands you and you understand them. Sure, I have a wonderful husband, but he's no substitute for a girlfriend!

Now that I am in my *early* 30's, I finally have it. A circle of friends I really love to hang out with, who lift me up, who tell it like it is, and who motivate me to be a better person myself.

My mom always told me that life would get better when I was older (as she tried to convince me that it was really worth struggling through those awful teenage years!). I wish I had known then how right she was!

How did I meet my wonderful circle of friends? Well, I had just become interested in scrapbooking, and had discovered my local scrapbook store. Encouraged by some cyberfriends on the Simple Scrapbooks magazine message board, I signed up for a crop on National Scrapbook Day in 2004. I met my two best friends there! And it all evolved from that one day... and if I hadn't had the courage to go to a crop where I didn't know a soul, I would have never found these wonderful friendships!

So, to all my friends, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for making me such a happy girl!


Robyn said...

Anne, I totally agree with you and the friends thing. I cherish my real friends now! Your mom is a smart lady!

Tisham said...

Big huge hug coming your way!!! :-)

tabitha jones said...

You are such a sweetheart Anne!!

Shannon Bromenschenkel said...

Good friends are the best thing in the world..... can't life without them!!!