Monday, May 15, 2006

I don't believe it!!!

For the second night in a row, my baby girl has gone down without a fuss!!!! Yay!!!!!!!!!! What is interesting is that both nights she has gone to bed at the same time as her big sister, who shares a room with her! Yay for big sister setting a good example!!!

I'm so proud!

In other news, we had to take the baby to the doctor today. She cut her finger on one of her very age appropriate toys. I was so sad!!! I got a somewhat frantic call from my mil at work.... who had been called by the babysitter. So, I left work early to meet them at the doctor. The doctor was just going to clean it up and stick a band-aid on it, but when she saw what a little drama queen the baby is, she decided to dermabond it so it would stop bleeding and wouldn't require a bandage!

Then I got to go to the doctor this afternoon myself. My little girls have passed a cold to me, and now I have bronchitis AGAIN!!!! I swear that I do not smoke... really, I don't!!!! Just have a touch of asthma...

So, more meds for me. Ugh.

I hope to finish a new layout soon!!

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