Thursday, February 28, 2008


I've been a bit under the weather... as has the rest of my poor family! We all came down with the stomach bug, which I haven't had since I was 9 years old! Let's just say that I have been better acquainted with my toilet than I ever care to be EVER AGAIN!!!! Yitch....

Now, the last time I had this, my last meal prior to getting violently ill was a steak from Quincy's steak house, which began my dislike for red meat! (rarely ever ate a steak after that, now don't at all!). Unfortunately, my last meal prior to this time was also from a restaurant... one of my favorites... Panera Bread Co. So, I don't know how long it will be before I can ever eat a bowl of their broccoli cheddar soup again!

First my older dd got sick on Saturday, followed by me on Monday, my younger dd on Tuesday, and now my dh, who has been so sweet to take time off of work to take care of all of us! I was feeling much better yesterday, but I made the unfortunate decision to eat a real meal for dinner last night, and my body is letting me know what a poor decision that was. My entire abdomen just aches!

On the bright side, I did lose 4lbs, and my skin looks great (albeit pale!) Must be the magical detox of the rotovirus... LOL!!!!

Did I mention we are supposed to move this weekend? I had already scheduled some time off this week, but not to be sick! To PACK!!!! EEEEKKKKKKK!!!!

Well, I best get off of the computer and get to packing boxes.


Tabitha said...

AWWW, anne i am so sorry you all are sick. I hope you can still move.


Tabitha said...

update girl, i tagged you!