Thursday, January 31, 2008

New Scraplovers Contest!!!

Scrap Around the World!

Pack your bags and get your passports ready because it's time for a contest!!! We are about to embark on a 7 week journey as we Scrap Around the World. We will make a stop on each continent where a challenge will be issued for you to complete. The first challenge will be issued on Thursday, Feb. 21st. All subsequent challenges will be issued on Thursdays. You will have until the following Wednesday at 11:59 EST to upload your week's creation into the appropriate area of the gallery. You will need to declare at the start of the contest whether you are competing in the paper or digital category. You will not be able to switch after the contest has begun.
The Sweethearts will then judge the creations on a 10 point scale. You will be judged in three categories- Creativity, Photography, and Overall Design/Appeal. Your individual category scores will be added up for a total weekly score. Scores for each round will not be revealed. And the good part is no one will ever be eliminated!! Please pay close attention to the requirements of each challenge. Ask questions if you need clarification. Any deviation from the challenge requirements listed will result in disqualification. This is only to be fair to those who follow all of the requirements. All submissions must be original designs. Layouts submitted for any round of the contest must be posted only in the ScrapLovers gallery until the end of the contest and must not be published, posted or entered in any contest, in any magazine or on any website until the end of the contestant's participation in the contest.
Exception-layouts may be posted on your personal blog.

As for the prizes...the paper and digital participant with the most points at the end of the 7 weeks will become a Guest Sweetheart for the months of May and June. There will also be a random prize drawing from all other participants.

In order to be eligible to participate, you must have at least three layouts uploaded into the ScrapLovers gallery and a minimum of 100 posts (both MB and gallery posts count) by the start of the contest on Feb. 21st.

Find more info here:

Contest info

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