Monday, August 06, 2007

So glad my kids are good! (well, most of the time!!!)

We went out to lunch after church Sunday at Ruby Tuesday (I'm seriously addicted to their turkey mini burgers... I know! not orgainic!!). About midway through our lunch, another family sat down near us. They had one boy (maybe about 4 or 5ish). He had a couple of little tantrums, and then all YOU KNOW WHAT broke loose. They were sitting in a booth, and the boy THREW his little container of KETCHUP behind him and over his head... it landed all over the booth seat on the other side AND all over this lady's dress and WHITE cardigan!!!! EEEEKKKKKKKKK!!!

Can you imagine the anguish on both sides of this situation? The lady's outfit was most likely ruined.... and the parents of this child?The thing is, this could have been my children.... it's just today they were exceptionally well-behaved.... and when my younger dd grabbed the ketchup container, we caught her before anything happened!!! The father actually left the restaurant to get money to pay this lady's dry cleaning bill.... he did the right thing... I have just never seen something like this in person!!!

Both my kiddos got dessert after lunch... and lots of praise for being good!!! :)

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Mellie said...

wow that really was a crazy situation!