Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I am such a blonde....

I can't even order myself coffee at Starbucks!!! LOL!!!!

Our special treat on Sunday morning (if we get ready in time!) is to go to Starbucks before church! It was my "turn" to go get the coffee this week, so I ordered a Tai Chi latte. The barmister (or whatever you wish to call him!) says to me, "Ma'am, Tai Chi is an ancient form of Chinese martial arts. Perhaps you would like to try a Chai Tea latte instead?"

Now, I tried to explain to him that I just took a course on Friday that discussed all of the benefits of Tai Chi.... before I asked him if I could get an iced Frappachino. To which he replied, "Ma'am. All of our Frappachinos are iced. That's what makes them Frappachinos."

Yep. I even have a Master's degree. But I can't order coffee and sound reasonably intelligent.... LOL!!!


Cathy said...

Oh Anne, when I'm in Starbucks and someone knows how to order a coffee that takes 15 words to say, I think that they have nothing better to do then to memorize those stupid names. You are no different then most of the world when it comes to ordering from them.
I choose to just order a coffee so that I don't have to say all that junk for a drink. They ought to number them so you can say " Yea, I'll take a #5"

Tracey said...

LOL, Cathy! That's a great idea. Sounds like the guy went out of his way to make you feel silly. Glad you took it all in stride.