Thursday, June 22, 2006

Identity reality...

I wouldn't call it a crisis... more of a realization. I cleaned out my underwear drawer today. I know, not such an interesting topic, but it had to be done!!! And I got rid of everything I could wear pre-baby #1, saying good-bye to all of those pretty things I used to fit into! Very sad... but I was running out of room in that drawer. And since, well, let's face it, the newer models are larger in more than one aspect, I really needed that space!

I kept hanging on to those old pieces thinking that I'll fit into them again one day!!! But IF (and WHEN) that ever happens, all of the elastic will have dry-rotted anyway!!!

The other piece to this realization.... I disposed of all of my maternity underwear. I have officially given up on the fleeting thought that I might have another child someday!

This is a good thing, though, since I did partially replenish my undergarment wardrobe at Victoria's Secret yesterday. (you know they are having a sale, right?) My dh balanced the checkbook last night. He was very curious to find out what I had spent $$$ on in that store!!! It was all very necessary, I assured him. As my younger dd approaches her first birthday (next month), and my nursing days are *almost* over, I needed new bras! Ones that don't open in the front or have huge front hooks that show through my clothes!!! Ahhhh.... I see the light at the end of the tunnel!!!

Hopefully soon I will start feeling more like a wife, and less like a mother. I love being a mother, but my dh would much prefer to have at least part of his wife back!!

Sorry, but there won't be any pictures about this!!!! And, if you made it this far, thanks for reading my story!!!


Shannon said...

You go girl!!! It'll be ok!!! :) Huge hugs!

Stephanie said...

I know the feeling! I HATE nursing bras! Yeah, they're functional but so NOT pretty. :-)