Monday, December 19, 2005

Oh, well...

The sad news is that I didn't make the Junkitz DT or get an HM. The good news is that I was in the top 34!!! Stacey Panassidi ( was so kind to post that list!!! I had no idea my name was on it until my friend Tabitha called!! So, I was pleased to get lots further than I ever anticipated!

Now I can start biting my nails about the QK DT.

I only try out for manufacturers whose products I truly love, and both Junkitz and QK are products I LOVE!!! So, we'll see...

I also tried out for the Scrapbook Answers DT. Since they are the only magazine that has pub'd my work so far, I figured it was worth a shot!! I love their magazine. They have such a wonderful, fresh approach to this industry. Their focus on design and technique is fabulous, and the fact that they rate new products is great!!!

So, I hope to accomplish another goal this year: to get on to a manufacturer's or magazine's DT!!!

In other news, I may have a new job. In my "real life," I am a physical therapist. I specialize in geriatric rehab. I love what I do. My career is hugely satisfying because I get to help people regain their functional independence every day. On a whim, I went to a job fair hosted by Sheltering Arms, a major rehab provider in Richmond. They have a beautiful, new rehab hospital in town, and are looking for therapists. I ended up interviewing for 2 hours! I went to school with one of the managers. I have been working in long term care for almost 3 years PRN (on call), but working about 20 hours a week. I have proposed a 25 hour work week to Sheltering Arms in a permanant part time postition. We'll see what happens.... they are supposed to get back to me this week!

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