Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Botox, anyone?

I had a procedure done today to fix my lazy eye, also known as strabismus. I have had it my whole life, and it has been a hugely embarrassing thing to deal with. I was teased as a child relentlessly for my crossed eyes. I have people now ask me if I am looking at them or someone else!!! I have developed strategies for hiding my condition, but at times I am too tired to control it.

The biggest issue for me is cosmetic, obviously, but there are also other problems. I can't see 3-D movies because my eyes don't work together well. (I see either the red or blue side of the glasses). I have very poor depth perception (which makes playing any game that involves a moving object REALLY tough!! PE class was a nighmare in elementary school!!!). And I have double vision in close range.

So, I sought the help of a specialist in town. He actually pioneered a technique to fix the muscle imbalance with Botox. They numbed my eyes, then injected the Botox toxin right into my eyeball. Let me tell you, it was strange watching the needle go into my eye!!!

There was some left over.... I asked Dr. McNeer if he could go ahead and take care of my wrikles, too!!!

I should start to see some changes in about 4-5 days, with the full effect taking about a month to complete. This whole procedure was so simple that I wish I had done it years ago!!!! It would have saved so much stress in my life!!


Tisham said...

Oh girl it is so unfair that they could just give you just a bit somewhere other than your eye..lol :-) I am freaked out just at the thought of a big shot coming at my eyeball..eeck

a said...

intersting...i have a lazy eye. too.......maybe i should talk to my dr about this....