Thursday, September 13, 2007

I had an epiphane....

I was listening to NPR the other morning, and I heard a news story that gave me goose bumps. The story was about the local VA hospital here and how it has become the hub for recovery for soldiers who have suffered spinal cord injuries in the wars in both Iraq and Afghanistan.

I have searched my soul for many months, wondering what I could do to help with all that is going on that is horrible in this world.... and then that moment came. My skills? I am a rehab PT. It's just what I do best. I love where I work now, but I feel like I am being called by some higher being to work for the VA. I shared this with my husband, who most likely thinks I'm crazy.... but I've decided to look into it.

Once I made this realization, a part of my spirit seemed relieved that I had finally figured it out. Hopefully, I will have the courage to act on it!

My grandfather was a C6 quadriplegic.... he is one reason why I felt called to be a PT to begin with. It seems like beginning to work with this population will pull my professional journey full circle.


Shannon said...

Wow Anne!! Good luck!! This is awesome!

Amanda L. said...

go for it Anne!!! Sounds like you have found your calling...hope it works out for the best.