Saturday, September 15, 2007

2 year olds are soooo funny!!!

We were out this evening, and my 2 year old saw the moon in the sky as it was rising (at this point, the sun was still up!). As usual, she was excited to see it, and made a point of telling us that she found it!

When we left dinner, the sun had set, and she saw the moon again.

"*gasp* I see the moon!!! Look!!! They turned the light on!" (since by now, the moon was a very bright crescent low in the sky!)

That kid really cracks me up!


Tabitha said...

awww, how sweet!

Tisha said...

What a sweetie!

Shannon said...

Awww.... CUTE!

peg graham photography said...

Sorry I missed your birthday...didn't realiz it was the 4th until I saw the monthly bday list at 2Peas today.

Belated Birthday HUGS!!!