Sunday, July 08, 2007

Wow! A photographer's job is TOUGH!!!!

So, yesterday, I embarked on a new adventure. My dear friend Tisha asked be to help her shoot a wedding. Granted, I knew the bride and actually referred the bride to Tisha, but I was so honored that Tisha trusted me enough to help her with this!

Anyway, I realized many things. I know that I'm not even close to being good enough to shoot an event so important on my own (not that I really had plans to, anyway!), that I need to be more assertive during shoots (I'm not the bossiest of people... but I need to definitely take on a new persona if I do this again!), and that my camera (Canon XTi) has multiple limitations. Oh.... and that Tisha is one fantastic photographer!!! (well, we already knew that!!!). It was so much fun just to watch her work!

So, I learned a TON about myself and my camera.... and had lots of fun, too! I just hope Tisha will let me try again!!!

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Tisha said...

Girl you know we loved having you! We all start somewhere and it defiantly isn't knowign everything right off the bat. You did great! We would love to have you again and must be assertive...remember the whole "a shy photographer will go hungry" have to demand your image some days :-)