Monday, July 09, 2007

Scrabook Answers = Sassy

Remember Sassy magazine? How different and fun and hip and cool it was? I was a child of the 80's..... emerging into adulthood in the 90's.... and I remember it well. I was a Seventeen subscriber, and my best friend in middle school was a Sassy subscriber. I always read about the cool new bands in this magazine, and found clothes that were things I would really wear!!! (I was one of those semi-goth, alternative, drama chicks in school... even though I cheered, too!)

So, anyway.... when Scrapbook Answers debuted, I was very excited! And right away I saw it as the Sassy of the scrabooking industry. It was as rebellious of a scrapbook magazine as Sassy was as a teen girl fashion magazine. The writers at Scrapbook Answers let us in on their personas, lent their voices to their articles, and dared to discuss products with honesty. I loved that magazine!

But, alas, their run was much too short.... just like Sassy. But die hard fans will still remember them!

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