Thursday, March 22, 2007

You take the good with the bad....

So, the bad news, obviously, is that I did not get a call of any kind for HOF. *sigh*.... but I see some names of some truly talented folks on that list.... so kudos to them!!! It's been an exciting couple of days!!!

But, the good news (which really softened the blow!) is that Paper Trends wants to publish the shadow box I made for Scraplovers using Hambly products!!! Yay!!! It is by far my favorite project I have created thus far! Yay!!! My second pub with this family of publications! Even more fun? I will be in the SAME article with 2 of my fellow Scraplovers DT members!!!

So, I am happy! And grateful for another opportunity to have my work in print!


Tisha said...

Girl you know how I feel about had an amazing entry!! And it is going to be loved somewhere by someone :-) YOu know you rock my world! ad congrats on your pub!! I am going to miss you this week!!

Rebecca said...

Sorry about HOF, your work is gorgeous. Don't quit! Congrats on getting pubbed. So fun!