Saturday, March 10, 2007

How ironic....

that while I was searching in my car for one of the latest and greatest inventions of the past couple of years (my bluetooth!), I came across some quite older technology.... one of my cassette tapes from my college years.
You know you made mix tapes from your CD's when you were younger, right? This one was my favorite. From 1994! I remember that I had put it in my car when I sold my little red Corolla last fall. It has songs from the Smiths, REM, the Cure, and bands I've even forgotten the name of.... each new one that played was like uncovering a long forgotten gem!!! I had fun listening to it again.... and it suddenly dawned on me. The only tape player I have now is in my Subaru!!! Once I get rid of that car, I will have no way to play it anymore!!!!
Hmmmm.... I wonder how many more years I can get out of my Subaru?

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Shannon said...

Oh wow! So been there! I don't think I own any cassettes anymore.... a shame truly.