Thursday, January 11, 2007

The transformation is *almost* complete....

Into full granola status!!! LOL!!! I made this realization as I was in line to pay for MORE orgainic groceries today. My selections included: Amy's Natural cheese pizza (YUMMMMMY!!), raw almonds, Tofutti chocolate "ice cream" sandwiches (tastes just like cake batter!!), and distilled water.

Some of you who know me from the message boards know that my dh is on a kick to lose weight. In his quest, he found a book by Kevin Trudeau that discusses an all-natural lifestyle and how environmental toxins have contributed not only to the rise in health problems but to obesity as well. We were already doing some organic, but we are pretty much transistioning over to all organic if possible.

I buy into his philosophies. My preferences tend to be on the natural side anyway... breastfed both my kids until at least 1 year old, my older dd goes to Montessori school, and I am a semi-vegetarian. I also avoid artificial sweeteners and trans fats.

I gave up all sodas 2 weeks ago... I was really addicted to Coke!!! Love the stuff!!! But, some days, I would drink 2, 20 oz. bottles a day!!! That's 480 calories in soda!!! So, my first step was to eliminate that. I have already lost 5 lbs. And I really haven't craved it too much!!!

So, we'll see where this journey takes us!!! It will mean much less eating out than we do... but it will be good for us. Our goal is to limit "regular" foods as much as possible, and aim for a healthier diet and moderate exercise that we can live with. Wish us luck!!!


Tisha said...

Welcome to the world of "crunchy"..It's good on this a little more expensive than I would like but IMO much tastier :-) Have fun with it girl! Have to say though the weightloss aspect of it...well I wish that were weight loss here..mainly because they have to many yummy alternatives now...I am hooked on the organic Costco cookies..did I mention they come in BULK...ugh..

Mellie said...

I wish you so much encouragement on this journey. It is so so worth it. I have strayed on and off and whenever I do my body sure lets me know I have. The major benefits have been with my dd as well.
I still have the odd diet coke and I have to tell you that if you brew your own coffee Starbucks organic is the best. You can also get an awesome organic wheat free beer thats great too! Just let me know if you want any info cook books etc.

Shannon said...

Good luck girl!! Can't wait to see how it goes for you!! Miss you! Hugs!