Friday, December 01, 2006

I'm ready to play with the big girls!!!

After months of saving and numerous serious discussions with my dh about how much it will cost to get one, I finally purchased a real dSLR!!! A Canon Rebel XTi.

It's silly to think about how happy "stuff" makes us... but I am VERY happy I finally have a real camera! I love my film SLR dearly (and it has sentimental value, since it was a gift from my father), but it can't keep up in the digital world!

I'm so nervous about using it that I haven't even really taken it out of the box to put the kit lens on it! It arrived on Tuesday. I tried out a couple of lenses at Richmond Camera today... trying to decide a reasonable one to purchase. And I got a 2 GB memory card on Thursday. So, I'm ready to start shooting, I think.

My dear friend Tisha is going to work with me on how to make the most out of this camera. I can't wait...

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