Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The winds of change....

Ahhh!!! Today is a good day!!! I didn't expect voter turnout to be sooo overwhelming. Nor did I expect the shift in the political landscape of our country that occurred yesterday. But I'm glad it did!!

I'm kind of proud of how we, the people, all went out, voted, and told our government what we needed them to hear. I don't think this election was truly about specific issues. It was about telling Bush that the status quo isn't good enough.

It's not about left vs. right, liberal vs. conservative, or morals vs. immorality, as some may believe. It's about CHANGE.

So, if you voted, be proud that you let your voice be heard... whatever that voice was!!!

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Tisham said...

WOOHOO!!! Change has gotta be better than what we have:-) Old rich guys playing God..never a good for some new rich guys..bahhhhh..who knows maybe the rest of the world will least realize not all americans stand for the big ego's running the show. After all I want to travel to Europe one day but as stands I would be affraid of stone's hitting me in the back of the head:-)