Monday, May 26, 2008


I have been having lots of dreams with a recurring theme...

Now, those of you who know me well know that I have crazy dreams (that sometimes come true!). And lately I have had some fleeting thoughts about going back to school. So guess what my dreams have been about?

Yes, I am sitting in a classroom taking a class from high school (again) because they decided I didn't do well enough the first time (and I am protesting the authorities because I now have an MS!!! LOL!!!!)

Or I remember going to this math class in the beginning of the semester, and now I can't remember going the rest of the time... and how am I going to perform on that big exam for that class I forgot to go to? LOL!!!!

I always wake up in a cold sweat!

So why these fleeting thoughts of going back to school? Well, I never had the guts to go to med school, but now I find myself frustrated by the system. Doing the job that I do as a PT, I often spend more time with my patients than any nurse or doctor. Sometimes I get results when I go to them to tell them something is wrong with my patient, and other times it takes a few days for them to see what I see.

So in my frustration, I have been thinking of ways to beat the system. I am soooooo tired of hearing families tell me that they have taken their loved ones to the doctor for a "chronic" condition only to be told they are just old. HELLLOOOOOO! Even a 90 year old may live another 10 years! What happened to quality of life? Isn't that what we are all working to maintain in the geriatric population?

My fleeting thought is to go back to school to be a physician's assistant. I would specialize in geriatrics. Now all I need is time, energy, and money to do it! LOL!!!

At least for a bit of time I have been thinking like an idealistic twenty-something again! :)


Tabitha said...

woo hoo Anne, I say go for it!

Tisha said...

You should do it!!!