Friday, November 02, 2007

Another silly story!

We went out to dinner last night to a Mexican restaurant, and after we had finished eating, my older dd accidentally spilled her drink... ice and Sprite went all over her leg and onto the floor!

We reassured her that it was just an accident, and that these things happened all the time. She was still pretty embarrassed and miserable...

Well, about 2 minutes later, another little girl who was a bit older than my dd did the same thing, but made a much bigger mess and was absolutely soaked!!! (poor thing!!!) And we turned to our dd and said, "See, it really does happen all the time!!!" She giggled and felt much better about things!

When we went up front to pay, the mother of the girl who also spilled her drink came up to the counter soon after I did. I thanked her for their act of kindness... you know, making my dd feel better about spilling her drink, explaining the situation to her. We shared a good laugh... and suddenly 2 embarrassing accidents turned into something funny and happy!

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Linda said...

What a cute story! I love reading about your kiddos!