Tuesday, March 07, 2006

I started a new job yesterday!

I will be doing Home Health for the largest non-profit healthcare provider in my area. I will be working with one of my best friends in my field.

This week is all orientation, so, not too bad... just a bit on the ho-hum side. Wish me luck... tomorrow I must watch videos all day BY MYSELF!!! I hope I don't sleep through them!!

I'm kinda looking forward to home health. I have done rehab for so long, and it will really be nice to complete the big picture. I practice so many functional things with my patients in "perfect" settings (i.e., hospitals....) that this will really lend new light to what truly matters in rehab! I have performed many home evaluations prior to a patient returning home, but this will really stretch my creativity with problem solving. We all know I love to be creative!

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